Jesse Bradford To Star In Jimmy Fallon's NBC Pilot

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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Jesse Bradford To Star In Jimmy Fallon's NBC Pilot image
Almost exactly a year ago to the day, Deadline shared the news that actor Jesse Bradford was cast in the lead role of a comedy pilot for ABC. While things didnít work out for Other Peopleís Kids, the actor is set to move forward on yet another TV comedy project involving parenting. This time around, itís for NBC.

Deadline posted the news, stating that Bradford is set to star in NBCís untitled Jimmy Fallon comedy pilot (a.k.a DILFS). The project is set to be written by Charlie Grandy and follows ďthree thirtysomething guys who enjoy the adventures of parenting although they havenít grown up themselves.Ē

Bradford is set to play Chris, the handsome leader of the group, whoís a recently divorced attorney now parenting a 9-month-old son. While not exactly a household name, Bradford has numerous credits to his name, including Flags of Our Fathers and a a role on The West Wing. Some may remember him better for being Kirsten Dunstís love interest in Bring it On, or for his supporting role alongside Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller.

Hopefully heíll have better luck with this one than he did with the ABC pilot.
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