Jessica Jumps In: A Newbie's Guide To Men At Work

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago discussion comments
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Men at work Season 2
3. Likelihood Of Staying On Air
This is a tough one. It’s not as if TBS has a ton of original programming going for it (even with the addition of Cougar Town), but it’s also not as if Men at Work crushes in the ratings. The show only produces ten episodes a season, which means the writing should be tight due to only the best ideas being used. However, at its best, the show has only brought in a little over 2 million total viewers.

It’s sort of a middling thing. For television, Men at Work doesn’t crush, but as a show that begins airing randomly in the middle of spring, it doesn’t do horribly, either--especially not for TBS. Plus, given the slew of guest stars signed on for Season 2 of the series, including Jason Lee, Benjamin McKenzie, Jessica Szohr, J.K. Simmons, and Bethany Joy Lenz, perhaps the added famous faces will bring some extra viewers to Men at Work throughout Season 2 and will help ensure Season 3 will happen, as well.
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