Jim Rash Talks Hosting The Writers' Room And Diving Into The Best Stuff On Television

By Eric Eisenberg 3 years ago discussion comments
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One of the things Iíve loved about the evolution of television over the last few years is that it used to be, you start an episode and you finish the episode exactly where that character was in the beginning. Character evolution has expanded so much.

What I loved are these shows, like you have a show like Breaking Bad, where the character evolution is actually on a negative track, which is just as powerful as if theyíre ascending, and obviously we donít know whatís intended for the rest of season five, but I canít wait.

Oh yeah [laughs].

Youíve got Dexter too, where heís going a slightly different way, and itís just as complicated and then in Game of Thrones, where youíre doing a show where no oneís safe, so these are shows and they get hate mail, Iím sure. I know the Game of Thrones guys did, because people who didnít read the book are like, ďWell, how the fuck did they kill the king??Ē but then people embrace it. They go, ďOh, ok...Ē

It makes for really dramatic entertainment.

It does. And itís not, anyway... It was a collaborative effort ...

And obviously, you kind of split yourself between television and film at this point. Where is your brain mostly? Which kind of writing style do you prefer?

Well, Iíve always considered myself a writer/actor, maybe I wasnít always working, but Iíve always considered myself by definition a person who loved to write and act. Obviously my first foray into co-directing was this past summer and I hope to do it again, but at least I can always describe myself as that, first, but I just, I sort of forgot your question.

Where do you see yourself in terms of television and movies?

For me, in television? Well, right now, obviously, my primary function in television is as an actor on Community.

I loved the episode that you wrote last year, by the way. It was fantastic. It was one of my favorite episodes of last season.

Thank you! It was such a joy to write and I felt so honored to have the opportunity. I know when that sad day comes when Community finishes and we close that chapter, my primary goal isÖmy voice is loud and clear in all types of stuff but I often play characters, and Iíd love to play something closer to me, so that would be what I love to see for myself.
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