Lost Girl Preview: The Succubus Arrives At Syfy Tonight

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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Lost Girl Preview: The Succubus Arrives At Syfy Tonight image
Tonight, Syfy is set to premiere the Canadian supernatural crime drama series Lost Girl. The show will fittingly air following the return of Being Human, which is also supernatural-themed (and also sort of borrowed, except in this case, it isnít a remake of another popular show).

Lost Girl originally premiered on Canadaís Showcase Television and stars Anna Silk as Bo, a woman with the ability to steal peopleís life-force through their mouths. She also has seductive powers that allow her to convince people to do things if sheís touching them. In the premiere episode, weíre introduced to her and her abilities as she soon discovers sheís not alone and that there are ways to control what she can do.

The clips below offer a glimpse at the series and the general tone of the show.

Given the supernatural element and the fact that the story is set in a modern-day world, it looks like Lost Girl will be a good fit for Monday night on Syfy. Itís set to follow the second season premiere of Being Human, another supernatural drama. You can read our take on the Season 2 premiere of Being Human here.

Lost Girl premieres tonight (Monday, January 16th) at 10:00 p.m. Et on Syfy.
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