MTV Gives The Real World Four More Seasons

By Steve West 7 years ago discussion comments
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MTV Gives The Real World Four More Seasons image
MTV has just announced they have ordered four more seasons of The Real World. I’m told by those who still keep up with the show that the latest season in Brooklyn takes the show back to a little more “real” place. Honestly I started to waver not long after the San Francisco season, and I wonder if the sensationalism of Puck helped to generate the downfall of the series as Bunim-Murray began looking to cast the wild child, group sexin’, public drunkenness personas of the last 10 seasons or so.

The long lead time on seasons will help the production team plan out far in advance where and what they’ll do with the show. The finale of Real World: Brooklyn airs this Wednesday, and the Real World: Cancun is currently being shot. Getting rid of the forced job aspect this season I think may help the show, although it sounds like the Cancun kids will be working in some capacity.

Executive producer Jon Murray said that they may return to the no job format in the season following Cancun. In addition The Real World/Road Rules Challenge will be getting another four seasons.
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