Mark Pellegrino Set To Guest On NBC's Grimm In Season 2

By Jessica Grabert 2012-06-19 12:49:00 discussion comments
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Mark Pellegrino Set To Guest On NBC's Grimm In Season 2 image
Mark Pellegrino has had his share of dealings with the supernatural, at least in the acting sense. On Lost he played a tinkering ageless man responsible for the epic plane crash of Oceanic Flight 815. On Being Human Pellegrino dealt with supernatural beings from the perspective of vampire Lieutenant Bishop. And on Supernatural he played Lucifer himself. Heís had a lot of dealings with weird science fiction plot points and even more dealings with strange creatures from lore, so it is no surprise he is landing himself in the world of Grimm during Season 2.

Unfortunately, vampires are not big staples of the Grimm Brothersí fairytales, so Pellegrino wonít get to reprise his Being Human skill set. Itís also a little sad the actor wonít be joining the cast full-time, and is instead set for a guest role. According to TV Line, the oft scruffy-faced actor will play a friend from Hankís past named Jarold Kempfer. After his daughter goes missing, Kempfer will enlist Hankís help to find her. Pellegrino will portray yet another supernatural character this time around, and I wonít tell you what it is, except to state that the moon is likely involved in the process.

NBC is getting a bit of head start with the second season of the series, premiering some new shows and a few fan favorites in August, before continuing shows at the traditional late-September release time. The network is likely hoping for some post-Olympic loyalty from viewers and starting shows early is a smart way to try to capitalize on this.

Season 2 of Grimm will air its first episode on Monday, August 13 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.
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