Miley Cyrus - The Next Carrie Bradshaw?

By Kelly West 8 years ago discussion comments
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Miley Cyrus - The Next Carrie Bradshaw? image
Picture this. Take the hit series Sex and the City, clean it up a bit (ok, clean it up a lot), and recast the lead as a teen celebrity instead of a post-20ís career woman. Having a hard time with that mental picture? Miley Cyrus isnít. In the upcoming issue of TV Guide, Cyrus talks about that as well as the concert she has airing on The Disney Channel later this month.

In this weekís TV Guide issue, set to hit shelves on Thursday, Cyrus tells TV Guide, ďIíd love to do a younger, cleaner version of Sex and the City.Ē Huh? What exactly is a cleaner version of Sex and the City (unless you count he watered down, edited reruns they air on TBS)? The whole premise of Sex and the City is the portrayal of single over-30ís dating (and having lots of sex) in New York City. Take away the sex and the 30-somethings and whatís left of the show? In terms of Mileyís vision of a chaste Carrie Bradshaw, that quote is really all we have to go on until the latest TV Guide comes out.

In somewhat related news, the issue also includes a set of 3-D glasses, which can be used to enjoy Cyrusí televised concert, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, which airs on The Disney Channel on July 26th. Iím about 15 years too old to care about Cyrusí concert but back in my day, 3-D on TV always sucked. Itís true, technology has changed since then so Iím curious to know whether or not the 3-D glasses will actually succeed in allowing viewers to see Cyrus flinging her hair out of their TV screens or if itís just going to be a slightly blurred image thatís supposed to look 3-dimentional.
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