Napoleon Dynamite Won't Get A Sequel, But It Will Get A Cartoon

By Josh Tyler 6 years ago discussion comments
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Napoleon Dynamite Won't Get A Sequel, But It Will Get A Cartoon image
Napoleon Dynamite is on his way back into pop culture, only this time in animated form. Deadline says Fox has ordered six episodes of the cartoon Napoleon and itís being executive produced by the movie version's writers Jared and Jerusha Hess, with a little help from Simpsons vet Mike Scully.

Even better, if youíre a Napoleon Dynamite fan, is that the movieís cast will be involved to provide voices. It makes sense. Jon Hederís career hasnít exactly taken off since his breakout role as Napoleon. Heís had a few movies, most of which no one saw or were only funny because of Will Ferrell, and right now his career seems otherwise dead in the water. At one point Napoleon Dynamite 2 was supposed to happen as a movie but now that seems dead in the water too. Getting back into the Napoleon Dynamite business, even if itís just a cartoon, is probably a good move for Heder right now. What else is he going to do?

Hereís an early look at the showís animation style. Weirdly, it looks a lot like the early animation of Mike Judge:

Napoleon Dynamite cartoon

The animation may look Beavis & Butthead but the cartoon version of Napoleon is likely to be a lot like the movie version and nothing like anything done by Mike Judge. Itíll follow an awkward high school teenager and his oddball friends as theyÖ do whatever it is Napoleon Dynamite does with his time. Time machine construction? Sweet dance movies? Iím sure at some point, there will be campaigning for Pedro. Letís hope this doesnít also resurrect those ďvote for PedroĒ t-shirts.
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