Neil Patrick Harris To Host The 2009 Emmys... Maybe

By Kelly West 7 years ago discussion comments
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Neil Patrick Harris To Host The 2009 Emmys... Maybe image
How can the Emmyís make it up to us after last yearís lame five-host setup? Get Neil Patrick Harris on board to lead the show the next time, thatís how. Word is, Harris is currently in the process of making a deal with CBS to host the 2009 Emmy Awards.

According to Variety, inside sources say that while the deal isnít completed just yet, ďall sidesĒ are working to get Harris on board as the frontman for this yearís Emmys. Harris not only hosted the recent Tony Awards ceremony but also hosted last yearís Creative Arts Emmyís, so itís not all that difficult picturing him taking the lead at the Emmyís this year. Last season, the nominees for best Reality Shot Host took turns hosting the event and Iím sure most would agree that it was corny and poorly executed. Part of me might just be saying that because Cat Deeley (So You Think You Can Dance) got stiffed in the nominations and might have livened up the panel of hosts had she been there but I digress.

As far as Harris hosting, I didnít catch the Tonyís this year but I heard good things and I did see the nomination announcements for the Emmyís last year and Harris, who was working alongside Kristen Chenoweth as they announced the nominees was very amusing and quick to improve. Come to think of it, so was Chenoweth so if the Emmyís are looking for a co-host this year, hopefully CBS will be in talks with the adorable blonde. If they canít bring her on to host, maybe they could get her up on stage to perform a duet with Harris.
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