New Drama Breakout Kings Coming To Cable

By Doug Norrie 6 years ago discussion comments
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If there is one thing television people can never get enough of, itís law enforcement drama. Almost every unit of the law has had its time on the small screen (usually a couple of times over). Homicide units, SVU folks, detectives, local beat cops, FBI, you name it, have all had multiple television shows dedicated to those folks taking down the bad guys. Now the U.S. Marshalís office gets a little more screen time. The Hollywood Reporter has it A&E will pick up Breakout Kings, a drama series from the creators of Prison Break, about a group of ex-cons who work closely with the U.S. Marshalís office to catch fugitives on the run. If thereís one thing we love more than cop procedurals, its ex-villains-turned-helping-the-cops procedurals.

The Fox 21 production, formed by Prison Break co-creators Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora,will star Laz Alonso (Southland) and Domenick Lombardozzi (The Wire) as the marshalís assigned to catching the fugitives with the aid of ex-fugitives.

A&E, best known for its docudramas like Intervention, Hoarders, and Dog the Bounty Hunter has also produced procedurals like The Cleaner and Beast. Breakout Kingsís first season will run for thirteen episodes.
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