OJ Trial Videos Available On CNN's Website

By Kelly West 8 years ago discussion comments
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OJ Trial Videos Available On CNN's Website image
Back in the Ď90ís, there was this big murder trial (you may have heard of it) involving football player (and sometimes actor) O.J. Simpson. Back then the internet wasnít nearly as accessible or user-friendly so we had to rely on TV, radio and newspapers to hear updates and catch clips of the trial. Times have changed though and now that the man once referred to as The Juice is back on trial (this time for armed robbery), those of you who are interested in catching the coverage can find it on CNN.com.

CNN is making the O.J. Simpson trial accessible to users who visit their website. CNN.comís Trials-On-Demand page already has a number of videos of the trial up if you want to get caught up on whatís going on. I caught a clip of the trial earlier today. Seeing O.J. in court gave me a weird high school flashback but Iím over it and interested to see how the trial plays out.

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