Office Convention 07: Daniels Talks About The Office Documentary

By Kelly West 9 years ago discussion comments
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Office Convention 07: Daniels Talks About The Office Documentary image
One of the things that really made The Office Convention worth attending was the participation of the cast and writers. They spent a lot of time interacting with the fans, signing autographs and posing for photos. While itís always a thrill to meet famous people, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with Greg Daniels (the Co-Creator and writer for the series).

After a press conference, which Daniels and some of the cast talked about the show, Daniels was kind enough to stick around to answer a few of our questions. One of the things we wanted to know was whether or not heís started thinking about how the series is going to end and whether or not heís considered doing a movie. His response to that was, ďHavenít thought about any movie but definitely itís a lot about the fact that itís a documentary [and how it] fits into later seasons.Ē

When we asked if it would be like the aftermath episode that they did in the British Office, he said, ďYeah, exactly, I think thatís a really interesting thing. Our timeframe is different because they knew when they were going to end and so far I donít see the end yet. I think it would be a little premature to wind up all the stories and everything. Like Friends when they kind of thought they were done and then they were like ďNo one more year.Ē - that happens a lot. We do have the end in mind. Just not when itís going to happen.

So if youíve been wondering how the documentary-aspect is going to factor into the plot of the show in the long rung, while Daniels was pretty tight-lipped about exactly what he has in mind, its clear this is something heís definitely thinking about.

He discussed this subject a bit more when someone asked about it at the Writers Block event. Hereís a video with his response as well as some chat about the castsí contributions through improvisation when shooting episodes:

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