The Originals Episode 12 Preview: Dark Magic And Even Darker Plans

By Jessica Rawden 2 years ago discussion comments
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The Originals presented its most horrifying episode yet on Tuesday, playing out the witches drama to an untimely end. Poor Davina has been manipulated by most of the people in her life this season. She has switched back and forth between being a victim of circumstance, and a manic, angry teenaged witch; however, that changed on Tuesday, when The Originals featured the first major death of the series. Davina succumbed to Sophies wishes to willingly sacrifice herself to save her slain friends. Unfortunately, she and her pals were not revived, proving another big baddie is in town. Its difficult to believe that next weeks episode, Dance Back From The Grave, could possibly top what viewers were privy to this week, but according to the CWs brand new preview, things do look really interesting.

First and foremost, the witches look as if they have turned New Orleans into crazytown. Apparently, Sabine is an infamous witch named Celeste DuBois, and in the preview it seems like her crew has begun sacrificing males in the area to take on even more power. Theres a lot of white cloaks and ritual dances that make the happenings seem pretty surreal. Except we know that things like sacrificial magic are pretty standard on The Originals.

Klaus has had his hands full from the moment he took over as the head of New Orleans. Hes ruled with very little empathy for the most part, and it seems he will be handling the newest problem on his hands in the same way. After one of his vampire crew explains the problem, Klaus spends the rest of the preview with a frown and burrowed brow. Its a big change from the one moment of empathy Klaus extended to Marcel last week after Davinas throat was slit. Im so used to Klaus behaving more like a jerk that his one moment of kindness was more unnerving than anything else.

It's hard to tell exactly where the CW's hit drama will go from here, but in many ways, that's actually a great thing. There's something about The Originals that's still exciting and still edgy. It still has the ability to surprise. Maybe someday it will settle comfortably into a predictable pattern filled with the same cyclical drama, but for now, we should all enjoy the chaos as much as possible. These characters are still trying to figure each other out. They're still learning each other's secrets, and as long as there are still rocks to look beneath, we'll be in for a whole lot of fun.

The CWs hit freshman drama The Originals airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.
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