Raylan Versus The Villains: Justified's Five Greatest Moments

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago discussion comments
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3. Raylan vs. Arlo Givens and their Shared Past
The shit between Raylan and his father, Arlo, is so deep, itís impossible to even wade in, and itís a wonder it hasnít managed to sink one or both of the two men. Thereís a lot of anger inside Raylan due to his poor bringing up by his criminal father, and thereís a lot of stubborness in Arlo, who is already set in his ways.

All of this comes to a head at the end of Season 1, when Arlo is easily talked into killing his son. Of course, Raylan is a sharp cookie, and expects betrayal from his own father, who hates Raylan for turning into the law. Thereís a moment where the two men share a candid moment, looking back into the past before Raylan capably disarms his father by shootingónot to kill, of course. At one point, the two men could have re-evaluated their relationship, but now their past has caught up with their present, and antagonism is still a prominent part of that relationship.
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