Remembering Maury Chaykin: Actor Dies At 61

By Kelly West 2010-07-28 16:04:46 discussion comments
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Remembering Maury Chaykin: Actor Dies At 61 image
Itís been reported that Canadian actor Maury Chaykin died on Tuesday, which also happened to be his 61st birthday. While itís possible, even probable that you donít recognize his name, youíve probably seen him in at least one of his more memorable roles.

The LA Times posted that Chaykin was suffering from kidney problems and died at a hospital in Toronto.

While Iíll be the first to admit that I wasnít familiar with Chaykinís name when I heard the news of his death, looking at the roles heís played, I realized right away that I was a fan of his work. You might remember him from one or more of the following series or films:

Entourage - Chaykin played the recurring role of the hot-tempered Harvey Weinguard (a spoof on Harvey Weinstein). He proved his ability to turn red and scream at top-volume when things didnít go his way.

Eureka - He played the Sheriff who lost his leg in an accident and thus, handed his job over to Jack Carter in the pilot episode.

My Cousin Vinny - He was the guy who testified about making grits when the robbery took place.

Mystery, Alaska - He was the attorney Bailey Pruitt, who went to defend Mystery in an effort to see that the Rangers came to the town to play hockey. As a fan of that film, I think that might have been one of the best scenes in the movie.

From Dances with Wolves to CSI, Boston Legal and Stargate SG-1 Chaykinís list of credits is extensive. He will definitely be remembered for the range of performances he delivered during his career.

Hereís a compilation of scenes featuring Chaykin in his role as easily enraged Harvey Weingard on Entrourage.

Below is his big scene in My Cousin VinnyÖ

And here he is in Mystery, Alaska (start it at about 4:25 for the court room scene)Ö

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