Ringtones, Arguments And Lingo: 5 Signs Of Obsessive Fandom

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Public Displays of Obsession (PDO)
Serious fans of a show want you to know it, and they take their fandom to the public domain. Showing off your love in public is a sign that you have a bona fide obsession, and TV fans arenít shy about it. When youíre standing in line at Starbucks and suddenly hear the unmistakable sound of The X-Files theme song behind you, odds are Iím waiting for my latte and my phone just rang. I donít just like the show, Iím a bona-fide addict, and Iím not afraid to show it.

Having a showís theme as your ringtone is just one of the ways fans can make their love public, and itís one of the more recent options. TV fans have been taking cues from music lovers for decades in wearing their favorite show on their shirt, while bumper stickers let everyone on the road know that the truth is out there. Well, at least if youíre behind an "X-Phile" like me.

Public displays of obsession take the love for a show out of the living room and out there where the whole world can see. Itís how TV fans wear their hearts on their sleeves - literally.
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