Shatner Makes Poetry Out Of Palin Tweets

By Kelly West 7 years ago discussion comments
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Shatner Makes Poetry Out Of Palin Tweets image
If you’ve been following Sarah Palin on Twitter, you might be having a hard time deciphering the woman’s tweets. Fortunately, The Tonight Show’s Conan O’Brien managed to unlock the secret behind the mysterious posts and last night he brought in William Shatner to help break it down for us.

Granted, William Shatner’s abilities at spoken word could make the phone book sound interesting when read the right way but I really think the man has brought the poetry out of Ms. Palin’s tweets:

Some would say that Shatner’s rendition of Rocketman back in the 70’s is un-toppable but as a fan of Ben Folds, I’ve always been a bit partial to Shatner’s work with the pianist/singer/song-writer. One of my particular favorites is “In Love,” which Shatner once performed live on Late Night:

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