Stars React To Emmy Nominations

By Kelly West 6 years ago discussion comments
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Itís a day for celebrating for some TV stars and writers today as the nominations for this yearís Emmyís were announced. While fans of shows like Glee, Mad Men, and Modern Family are most likely reacting positively, hereís what the nominees have been staying.

Because itís all about statements, either through publicists or more candidly via Twitter, the nominees all seem to be predictably pleased with the recognition theyíre receiving for their outstanding performances this year. The Associated Press posted a list of some of the reactions. Here are a few

John Lithgow, whom Iíve always thought was a bit on the creepy side managed to top even his most villainous performances last year when he guest starred as a serial killer in Dexter. On the subject of his Emmy nomination for Guest Actor in a Drama series, Lithgow said,"I assure you, it is play acting. I didn't go home and strangle anybody." HeheÖ Thatís funny. (I will never be able to watch Harry and the Hendersons again, Mr. Lithgow).

A modest Jon Hamm credits Tina Fey for his Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy series, saying, "That's literally just Tina Fey's Emmy sauce rubbing off on me." Sure, sure, Hamm. Blame Fey for your brilliance. And whatís your excuse for the nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Drama series? Hmmm?

Kathy Griffin proved that she gets what itís really all about when she responded to her nomination for Outstanding Reality Show by saying, ďFor me, Emmys are more important than love or family. It's not about the work with me. It's actually about winning a statue."

Mad Menís John Slatteryís reaction was a brief speech in itself as he expressed his appreciation for the recognition heís received for his role in the series through his recent nomination for Supporting Actor in a Drama by saying, ďI've been around long enough to have struggled through some jobs, struggled through periods where I didn't work. You're so appreciative of something like this that allows you to be creative and do the kind of work that you always thought or hoped you could do.Ē

Neil Patrick Harris has been riding a wave of awesome since Harold and Kumar and this year heís getting two bites at the Emmy apple as hey scored a nomination for his supporting role in How I Met Your Mother as well as a nom for his guest appearance on Glee. He has more than two reasons to celebrate today. According to his statement, his hair feels amazing. "They announce the nominations so early in the morning, that this year I just stayed up all night and had an Emmy rave. So I must say, I'm deeply honored to be nominated, and also, my hair feels just amazing..!" Well, then youíre already a winner, Harris!

For Glee star Lea Michele, it sounds like sheís in for a better birthday than last year. Not that sushi isnít great but attending the Emmyís as a nominee has to be slightly better. On her nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Michele said, "The ceremony is on my birthday, so it's like the best birthday present in the entire world... What a great birthday party. I think last year mine was at a sushi restaurant or something."

Mindy Kaling who plays Kelly on The Office, received a nomination not as an actor but for her writing for the ďNiagaraĒ episode of the NBC series. As I canít seem to get through that episode without crying (happy tears!), Iíd say itís a well deserved nomination. Kaling seems more excited about getting to dress up than anything as she said, "I've been planning going to the Emmys since I was 6 years old. So for me, getting the dress and all that kind of stuff, I was built for that. The Emmy dress finding machine starts now. I've been fueling it up for, you know, 30 years."

Joel McHale wasn't nominated for his starring role in the NBC comedy Community, nor was the series, however in this video below, he comments on I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant getting snubbed and his love for the (legitimately-snubbed and recently cancelled) Starz series Party Down.

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