Strike Causes Trouble For Scrubsí Farewell

By Jon Costantino 9 years ago discussion comments
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Strike Causes Trouble For Scrubsí Farewell image
Scrubs has had a weird network history since it debuted on NBC in 2001. Itís never really had a steady home on the schedule, itís nearly been cancelled twice, and it almost ended up on another network altogether (ABC) before it was renewed at the last minute. So itís no surprise that its planned farewell from television would have some drama attached as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scrubs currently only has twelve of its planned eighteen episodes written. This leaves the sitcomís final show up in the air if the writers strike goes into the New Year. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence said, ďOn a personal level, yeah, it would be nice to finish work on 'Scrubs' the way I wanted to. It looks like it's not happening is certainly disappointing, I can't lie.Ē

NBC has made a lot of the fact that it is Scrubsís last season on the air. Almost every promo for the show has some dramatic music behind it, or slomo footage from the show like the viewer would be foolish to miss a single second of the show. Although the show never was a real rating winner, it does have a devoted following, and most fans of the Braff-fronted show I know were happy that the show is being tied in a nice little bow in the end, instead of being unceremoniously dumped without saying good-bye.

The good news is that it would take a work stoppage of a considerable length for the show the affected. But Lawrence says the concern is that no one knows how long this will last. ďRight now, I fear that a lot of the writers have no real clue just how tough this is going to be. I'd imagine things will get very grim sometime after Christmas," Lawrence said.
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