TV Recap: Big Brother 10 - Week 8 HoH And Nominations

By Kelly West 8 years ago discussion comments
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TV Recap: Big Brother 10 - Week 8 HoH And Nominations image
Jerry says he doesnít see Memphis making a lot of promises. This is one of the reasons I want to see Memphis in the final two. Dan blew his game wide open with his little game of Replacement Nominee Roulette so making fake deals with people like Jerry isnít an option for him anymore. Memphis on the other hand continues to play it cool and it is for that reason that the Renegades have any chance of surviving another week in the Big Brother house.

Before we get to the game stuff though, letís get the filler out of the way. And before that I have a question: When are we going to get to see whatís going on in the sequester house?! Donít get me wrong. I loved seeing Renny and Dan bicker over time zones in tonightís episode. Watching Dan try to help her realize that she was wrong about it being earlier in New Orleans than it is in California was amusing, as was watching the logic slowly trickle through her brain as she realized that Dan was right. And her sleepwalking antics were funny (as a sleepwalker myself, I can relate) but Iíd much rather see the insane awkwardness, blended perfectly with fake-friendliness thatís sure to be oozing out of every crevice of wherever the evicted houseguests are currently residing. I also love seeing the reactions of the evicted houseguests as they see which person walks through the door next. How will April and Michelle react when Ollie shows up? That bitter mixture of happiness and disappointment, followed quickly by more bitterness as they watch the competitions and make snide little comments about the people remaining in the game is going to be pretty sweet. Give it to us, Big Brother!

Iím hoping weíll see the sequester footage sometime later this week. In the meantime, enough about Casa del Big Brother 10 Losers, thereís still a game being played. Right now, that game is being run by the odd-man-out, Jerry. After Michelle and Ollie were sent packing, the live show ended and the houseguests celebrated making it through another week. Renny, Keesha, Dan and Memphis knew there was a good chance they could secure HoH for another week and get Jerry out. Alas, the task proved to be a bit more difficult than they anticipated. Keesha was outgoing HoH so she couldnít compete this week. The competition was carnival-themed and the houseguests had to play a Big Brother version of skee ball. The houseguests were asked questions about things that happened in the house and they had to aim their balls at numbered slots in the hopes of landing on whichever day the event in question took place.

Renny didnít do well at aiming and Memphis was bad at figuring out what happened on which day so the competition came down to Dan and Jerry. Dan was ahead of Jerry by a fair margin but one bad throw caused his ball to bounce and slide down much further than the number Dan was aiming for. After that round, Jerry moved ahead of Dan and won this weekís Head of Household. While I was bummed that Dan didnít win, itís good to see that heís been keeping track of the days. That might come in handy in a future competition if he manages to stick around after this week.

Jerryís set on seeing Dan evicted this week. Memphis and Dan both suspected that and had a chat about maybe striking a deal with Jerry. If Jerry puts both of them on the block, with only two votes to decide who goes (with Jerry as the tie-breaker) its almost guaranteed that one of them will go home no matter who wins the Veto. Jerry told the diary room that out of everyone left in the house, he thinks Memphis (whom he called a womanizer earlier in the season) is probably the only one he could trust in a deal. He said he hasnít seen Memphis make a lot of promises and thatís largely because Memphis has been playing a very quiet game. Heís in good with Keesha, has a final-2 deal with Dan and now another final-2 deal with Jerry.

Jerry struck a final-two deal with Memphis and agreed not to put him up on the block this week but he wants Dan gone. So if he or Memphis win the Veto, they need to not use it and get Dan out. Memphis played up the whole thing about Dan nominated him last week and how he doesnít trust him. Jerry bought it. It looks like Danís gamble in nominating Memphis might be paying off this week because Jerry nominated Keesha and Dan, leaving a small window of possibility that Dan could come off the block and neither of the Renegades would be evicted this Thursday. Itíll all come down to the Veto though. Feedwatchers know who won that and have a pretty idea of whether or not it will be used but I wonít spoil it for you. Iím disappointed that Renny, Keesha, Dan and Memphis werenít able to get to the final four together but Iím still holding out hope that the Renegades will survive another week.
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