Top Chef Power Rankings: The Battle Of The Arancinis

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The Contenders
#7) Brian Huskey (25): Brian took a little bit of a dive in the rankings this week after he tripped and faceplanted with his idea of spooky spa cuisine. I have no idea why he thought that would appeal to a woman clearly interested in having some fun and proving you donít need meat to create excitement. Luckily for him, however, he escaped the guillotine and will have a chance to prove himself next week.

#8) Sara Johannes(24): Hereís yet another chef thatís dropped like a stone in the ratings lately. Like two of her fellow competitors, she had the ďbrilliantĒ idea of making arancini and shaping it to look like an eyeball. Her version with Moroccan spices went over well enough, but it was certainly never in contention for a space in the top.

#9) Nicholas Elmi (23): Now, this is what Iím talking about. Most of the other chefs in the middle of the pack here may have disappointed, but for Nicholas, this mini-climb is actually evidence he could be better than expected Heís been worse than mediocre throughout the competition, but this week, his butternut squash cannoli was a hit with judges and landed him a near win. Hereís to hoping those good vibes continue.
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