Top Chef Power Rankings: The Best And Worst Service In Restaurant Wars' History

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The Contenders
#6) Nicholas Elmi (28): Cool, collected and just the right level of assertive, Nicholas was far and away the best player on either team. In fact, if this had been the first episode, he would have easily cruised to the top spot. He was that good. Unfortunately, this isnít the first episode. So, while itís nice to see him show just how great he can be, heís going to need to do it for a few episodes in a row to start numbering among the favorites.

#7) Brian Huskey (26): Just when you start to think Brian might actually have a shot to make the finals, he goes to the store and buys the wrong ingredients. Itís tempting to give him a free pass, but a lack of foresight and common sense have cost him a few challenges before. Plus, while heís a very, very good chef, he needs to be operating at full capacity to compete with someone like Nina.

#8) Stephanie Cmar (25): Stephanie performed well during Restaurant Wars. The judges raved about her pasta and she was very relaxed and easy to work with. Sheís clearly an excellent chef, but she just hasnít had enough double take moments of brilliance to place her anywhere near the top of the pack. She needs to throw the gloves off and just full on dominate about two weeks in a row.

#9) Travis Masar (22): The Power Rankings are sometimes unfair. Look no further than poor Travisí placement to see that. Without question, he had his best week this time around. His food was pretty good and his front of the house work was a complete and utter success. Padma and company said it was the best theyíd ever seen in the history of the show. Thatís saying a lot, and he deserves a pat on the back. Since his food was only give a lukewarm thumbs up, however, itís hard to actually move him up the list.

Nina Compton (19)
Shirley Chung (18)
Carlos Gaytan (17)
Justin Devillier (16)
Carrie Mashaney (15)
Brian Huskey (14)
Nicholas Elmi (13)
Stephanie Cmar (12)
Travis Masar (11)
Nina Compton(19)
Shirley Chung(18)
Carlos Gaytan(17)
Carrie Mashaney (16)
Nicholas Elmi (15)
Justin Devillier(14)
Stephanie Cmar (13)
Brian Huseky (12)
Travis Masar(11)

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