Top Chef Power Rankings: Cooking Alligator In The Swamp

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The Contenders
#7) Stephanie Cmar (26): Stephanie has a history with Top Chef. Last season, she cooked in the early rounds but didnít earn a coat. Early in the first episode this season, Stephanie said she retrained for the past year to attain a level of perfection. This week, she made buttered frog legs with a watercress puree that the judges were all over. Hopefully, sheíll keep up her streak and wonít head home.

#8) Louis Maldonado (24): Is Louis good? Is he bad? Like many chefs, itís really hard to tell at this juncture. The judges liked his food well enough, but without a larger sample size, itís pretty much just guesswork. Hereís to hoping he stands out next week.

#9) Justin Devillier (22): As one of the two chefs who made it out of the New Orleans competition, Justin has a unique advantage over most of his competitors. Itís almost as if heís already in mid-season form. Plus, given his local roots, itís not a stretch to think he could make a pretty sweet run.

#9) Michael Sichel (22): Michael is one of the two chefs representing New Orleans in the competition. He has a cocky swagger about him, but heís quick to assert that heís ďconfidentĒ rather than ďcocky.Ē This week he made deep fried alligator that landed him somewhere in the middle. Heíll have to cook better to land in the top of these power rankings, but he definitely could have done worse.

#11) Jason Cichonski (20): Letís just be honest. Jason has a douche face. He looks like a big old Philly douche bag, but that doesnít necessarily mean he canít cook. He slid through in the middle of the pack this week. Next episode, Iím really hoping he does something brilliant so viewers can get past his fratty appearance.
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