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#6) Lizzie Binder (26): Lizzie really kind of got screwed here by not being in the top group. She has three highs, no lows and easily could have won this week, but since we split the contestants down the middle, she wound up on the low side along with the underachievers. Maybe if she finally gets a win under her belt, she’ll be able to use that confidence to solidly entrench herself in the middle of the top group rather than being the worst of the good players.

#7) Micah Fields (24): Like Danyelle, Micah hung out in the middle of the pack earlier this season before hitting low points this week and last week. If Danyelle is any indication, Micah needs to really step up his game next week and make a dish that the judges rave about and he can be proud of. I think most people would like to see the young guy pull through as the underdog this season, but he has to make us believe he can come through in the clutch, first.

#8) Josh Valentine (21): Josh beat Danyelle in his head-to-head battle this week, but the judges seemed more neutral on Josh’s dish than some of the other top slots. Still, this week was the first week that Josh landed himself in the high category, and maybe this will be what he needs to boost his confidence and turn his game around.

#8) Bart Vandaele (21): Bart got solidly beat by Brooke in his head-to-head, but actually, the judges ranted and raved about almost his entire dish. He clearly had the best of the worst dishes. It was just the decision to put the salmon in that sealed his fate. With only two lows on the season, it’s not as if Bart has been awful, but at some point, he needs to prove he can at least make the high group during an elimination challenge.

#10) Josie Smith-Malave (18): The Chef Josie Show has run its course. With three lows and a not a single high during an elimination challenge, she seems overmatched and ready to be taken out of her misery. In many ways, she’s a better, more well-rounded chef since she appeared during her initial season, but she still seems to have trouble thinking through how the elements on her plate will work together.

Here’s a look at how each of the two ballots shook out:

John Tesar (18)
Sheldon Simeon (17)
Kristen Kish (16)
Stefan Richter (15)
Brooke Williamson (14)
Lizzie Binder (13)
Micah Fields (12)
Josh Valentine (11)
Bart Vandaele (10)
Josie Smith-Malave (9)
Sheldon Simeon (18)
Kristen Kish (17)
John Tesar (16)
Stefan Richter (15)
Brooke Williamson (14)
Lizzie Binder (13)
Micah Fields (12)
Bart Vandaele (11)
Josh Valentine (10)
Josie Smith-Malave (9)




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