Top Chef Power Rankings: Potluck Special

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The Dark Horses
#9) Nicholas Elmi (22): I donít know whether to call Nicholas a rock star or an idiot this week. After bowing out of the quickfire thanks to a case of strep throat, the intrepid Nicholas came back with a fierce attitude and offered to do the prep work for most of his team, which ended up as the bottom group. He actually did a ton of work for his team while ill, so no one could say he slacked, but in doing so, he probably took too much on. Some of the prep work was sloppy and the judges hated his fish. Sans strep, maybe heíll be able to use this newfound energy to his advantage, but weíre not holding our breaths.

#10) Louis Maldonado (20): I actually feel really bad for Louis this week. The judges raved over his pickled vegetables, and this week could have been the challenge that propelled him out of this slot in the power rankings. However, nearly everyone did well this week, and Louisí team didnít even manage to land in the top. Heís been confident every week, but itís nice to see Louis actually pull some skill and innovation out of a dish (Tom actually said heíd never eaten vegetables like that before). Maybe this will prove to be the catalyst for an upward trend.

#11) Travis Masar (18): Travis was oddly close to having a great week. His spicy ribs had some great flavor. He just put a tiny bit too much rub on them. Had he cut back just a little bit and had Patty put a little more effort into her watermelon, itís entirely possible his team would have ended up on the top. Instead, it was just another near elimination for the chef that hasnít quite been able to put it together for more than a challenge or two here or there.

Nina Compton (19)
Shirley Chung (18)
Justin Devillier (17)
Carlos Gaytan (16)
Carrie Mashaney (15)
Brian Huskey (14)
Stephanie Cmar (13)
Sara Johannes (12)
Nicholas Elmi (11)
Louis Maldonado (10)
Travis Masar (9)
Nina Compton(19)
Shirley Chung(18)
Carlos Gaytan(17)
Justin Devillier(16)
Carrie Mashaney(15)
Stephanie Cmar(14)
Sara Johannes (13)
Brian Huskey (12)
Nicholas Elmi(11)
Louis Maldonado(10)
Travis Masar(9)

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