Top Chef Power Rankings: Stefanís Less Than Triumphant Return

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The Contenders
#6) Tyler Wiard (25): Tylerís cooking really hasnít separated him from the rest of the pack thus far, but his pictures with John Elway definitely have. As the executive chef of the Elway Restaurant Group, heís apparently worked closely with the hall of fame quarterback. Hereís to hoping this season goes better for Tyler than his bossí first three trips to the Super Bowl.

#7) Micah Fields (22): Micah wasnít particularly impressive during this weekís episode, but he did look good while cooking in Tomís kitchen during the qualifier. He had plenty of confidence and was willing to get his hands dirty, roll up his sleeves and work. Sometimes doing well on Top Chef is about charting a course and following through without second guesses.

#8) Kristen Kish (21) Kristen beat out her best friend for a shot at a win on Top Chef: Seattle. Since then, sheís come across like she knows what sheís doing, digging in mud and winning the geoduck this week. Itís still early to tell if sheíll be able to remain in this spot or move up in the rankings, but this week she pitted herself smack dab into the rankingís safe zone.

#8) Danyele McPherson (21): Danyele seems like a competent chef, but I still donít understand how the hell she got excited about picking a fish without knowing what the hell it was. How can you properly plan the different components in a dish without knowing what the main ingredient is? Luckily, regardless of what happens, she still looks like a grown up version of Merida from Brave.

#10) Lizzie Binder (20): Lizzie has a disgruntled serious face. Onscreen, sheís made a few great comments about what other people are doing with their dishes and why or why not that will work. However, as part of the all girlís team this week, she only managed to land herself in the safe realm with the judges. Sheíll need a little finesse to pull herself into the top.

#11) Eliza Gavin (16): Part of the problem with team competitions is that itís hard to differentiate between who made the group dishes better and who made them worse. As it stands, Eliza was a non-descript member of an average or below-average team. Hopefully, sheíll stand out next week by picking a main ingredient she can actually identify prior to cooking.

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