Top Chef Power Rankings: Stefanís Less Than Triumphant Return

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The Dark Horses
#12) Brooke Williamson (12): Brooke was in the bottom 3 this week and presumably could have ended lower. However, she had nothing to do with the poorly cooked fish and was even aware the fish were probably going to land the team in the bottom this week. She also seemed to be pretty astute as to why their dish didnít work out. Sheís got a lot of fight in her, and will probably do a whole lot better in an individual challenge. If not, down the rankings she will go.

#13) Carla Pellegrino (11) : Carla already gets the award for the most hateable cast member this season. Sheís like the ďtwinniesĒ currently occupying space on The Amazing Race--loud, annoying and open to using feminine wiles. As off-putting as her over-animated personality is, Carla may not be the best of the best in the kitchen, but she also isnít the worst of the worst. Weíll have to see if her cooking ability will shine through or if her mouth will end up getting her into trouble with the judges.

#13) Josie Smith-Malabe (11): Josie finished eleventh during her initial run on Top Chef. Unlike CJ and Stefan, she was never a threat to win. In fact, she never even won a quickfire. Consequently, while itís nice to have her back, she has as much to prove as any of the new chefs.

#13) Bart Vandaele (11): Bart has confidence and swagger, and beyond that heís a little bit bossy. Two episodes in, I still canít figure out why. The dude may be knighted in Belgium, but he still seems to have less actual cooking skill than most of the other contestants, and unlike the Italian chef Fabio, heís certainly not going to get by on charm.

#16) Chrissy Camba (7): This is the problem with doing paragraphs after only one real episode. Chrissy hasnít done anything wrong thus far. She could well be great, but thanks to her loud mouth teammate, sheís only come off like an annoyed woman getting belligerently shouted at. Hereís to hoping we see her as more than that after next week.

#17) Joshua Valentine (4): I really wanted to dig the bearded wonder. Unfortunately, both on a social scale and a cooking scale, he barely seems to rate above incompetent. Thus far, heís managed to whine about the addition of the veteran contestants, lose some mushrooms in the kitchen, freak out in the kitchen, and produce a portion of an alright meal for the judges. Even if the guy ends up proving himself in the kitchen, I get the feeling that a minor fuck-up, will still give the other contestants the opportunity to throw him under the bus.

Hereís a look at how each of the two ballots shook out:

John Tesar (18)
Stefan Richter (17)
Kuniko Yagi (16)
CJ Jacobsen (15)
Sheldon Simeon (14)
Tyler Wiard (13)
Danyele McPherson (12)
Micah Fields (11)
Lizzie Binder (10)
Brooke Williamson (9)
Kristen Kish (8)
Eliza Gavin (7)
Belgian Bart (6)
Josie Smith-Malave (5)
Loud Carla (4)
Chrissy Camba (3)
Joshua Valentine (2)
John Tesar (18)
Stefan Richter bottom (17)
Kuniko Yagi (16)
Sheldon Simeon (15)
CJ Jacobsen (14)
Kristen Kish (13)
Tyler Wiard (12)
Micah Fields (11)
Lizzie Binder (10)
Danyele McPherson (9)
Eliza Gavin (8)
Carla Pellegrino (7)
Josie Smith-Malabe (6)
Bart Vandaele (5)
Chrissy Camba (4)
Brooke Williamson (3)
Joshua Valentine (2)

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