Tracy Morgan Is Twittering

By David Wharton 7 years ago discussion comments
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Apparently the quest to force Tracy Morgan to give us all an exclusive look inside his brain has been an ongoing drama so widespread it even resulted in its own website. The internet spoke, and apparently Tracy listened…or else he was badgered by publicists or co-stars into relenting. Yes, Tracy Morgan is twittering. Tweeting? Twitterizing? Whatever.

Morgan’s new Twit-stream only has four entries so far, but at the moment that clocks in at a post an hour. No doubt there will be much more tweeted insanity in the weeks to come, assuming the comedian doesn’t get distracted or have to go into hiding from an irate Scare Tactics victim or something. Click on over to his Twitter account and learn which Star Wars characters his genitalia most resembles.
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