The Walking Dead Season 5: What We Know So Far

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Where will Walking Dead Season 5 pick up?
Scott Gimple did an interview with Larry King, where he offered up a few interesting details about Season 5, including alluding to the fact that the new season will pick up right where Season 4 left off. He was careful how he worded that, so we might not want to rule out an eventual jump forward in time, but it sounds like we'll see what happens next when Season 5 of The Walking Dead picks up. (Robert Kirkman has since confirmed as much.) Here's what else Gimple revealed:

Season 5 will be more action heavy.

We will find out what happened to Beth

There will be another romance (besides Glenn and Maggie).

We will see Morgan again. Scott Gimple doesn't actually specify "in Season 5" nor any specific time-frame in which Morgan Jones would return, but from the sound of it, he'll definitely be back eventually. If your memory's rusty, Morgan is the man Rick encountered in the pilot episode, and then again with Carl in Season 3.

There won't be a power struggle in the box car but maybe in the season. Gimple didn't go into details, but when asked if there would be a power struggle in the box car, with so many alpha males involved, Gimple said not in the box car, but it's a good question for later in the season. So perhaps Rick won't be the assumed leader of this group going forward, but we're guessing he'll be the leader in the box car, at the very least.

In an AMC video, The Walking Dead cast and writers describe Season 5 as "explosive," "messy," "brutal" and "thrilling."

Robert Kirkman confirmed that the characters will not spend the whole season in the railroad car, but that getting out will require "ingenuity and creativity and somewhat savageness" on the part of the characters.
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