The Walking Dead Watch: Season 3, Episode 4 - Killer Within

By Steve West 3 years ago discussion comments
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Rick, T-Dog, Glenn, and Daryl are making their way back into the prison to try and save the day as everyone backs themselves into the cell blocks to escape. Rick finds Oscar and Axel and accuses them of the attack, but then the alarms go off and it turns out thereís a mystery man inside using the generators to power the alarms. I donít care what his ultimate plan is, and by the stupidity of said plan it has to be a prisoner, itís not going to work in anyoneís favor to lure more zombies to the prison.

Letís take a moment to remember what a kick ass man T-Dog was. He may have been used little in the show, but the man took a hard stance for doing the decent thing. When he was bitten in the yard and they escaped into the prison Carol promised to do whatever it took to help him. But T-Dog said that it was Godís plan for this to happen. He had a purpose, and it presented itself as he sacrificed himself to let Carol escape. You might have been the last vestige of the sanity Dale represented T-Dog, and weíll miss you.

Meanwhile Rick, Oscar, and Daryl make it safely to the generator room only to find the other prisoner. Aside from the main two guys and Tomas, who was a featured bad guy, I kind of forgot about this dude until now. In fact, when I saw Andrew standing there I momentarily thought, ďHey, wasnít he killed already?Ē In any case, Andrew coaxes Oscar to shoot Rick. Oscar shoots Andrew, knowing that Rick and company are the true survivors and theyíre where he needs to be to live. He proves that he would indeed do anything to be allowed into the group.

OK, seriously youíve read all the way to this point and Lori dies this episode. There. No spoiler warning, because this is a recap of the show. And I can still see the full-page image from the graphic novel of how Lori dies, itís devastating. But you know what? The show trumped the book for the first time on a massive scale.

Carl, Maggie, and Lori get chased into a boiler room where Lori goes into labor. During a contraction she begins to hemorrhage and they need to cut the baby out. My wife doesnít like the character of Lori, and I have to admit Iím not fond of her either. But the scene between her and Carl is intense and sweet, and just perfect. Itís so horrible that not only does this young boy have to watch his mother die in order to save her unborn child, but he has to ensure she doesnít return as a zombie. Because thatís the reality he knows now.

As emotional and powerful as that moment was, Andrew Lincoln ripped out every fanís heart when he sees Maggie holding his child and asks, ďWhere is she?Ē Walks over, realizes what happened, looks at his son and says ďOh no.Ē An exclamation full of sadness, despair, and utter loss. Heíll never get to make amends with his wife, who smiled at him through the fence just before shit went bad. Heíll never get a chance to mend his family. Whatever was put between them, the wall that has arisen because of the past, can never be removed.

So not much happened in Woodbury. Well, stuff was put in motion as Merle is planning to head out looking for his brother. And Michonne is not a trusting gal. It was a bit interesting that the Governor revealed his name to Andrea so soon after telling her heíd never do so.

Thatís going to do it for us this week, hopefully weíll get more into the Woodbury aspect of the show next time around. Lots of set up going on around those parts, but not much action.
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