Why Scotty McCreery Should Win American Idol

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago discussion comments
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Scotty McCreery needs to win American Idol. He needs to win for Jennifer Hudson and for Chris Daughtry and for Adam Lambert. He needs to win because heís going to sell the most LPs, because heís going to have the most hit singles and because heís going to take home the most Grammyís. He needs to win because heís clearly, overtly and categorically the most talented contestant ever to set foot on the American Idol stage, and itís about damn time people started voting with their heads and not their hearts.

For some reason, viewers seem to think that winning American Idol is always the best possible result for their favorite contestant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Itís always best when performers finish in a place comparable to their ultimate chances of making it. In season four, Constantine Maroulis finished sixth. Since, heís gone on to a very successful Broadway career, even generating a Tony nomination. Had he won, Maroulis would be considered a failure because thereís no way in hell he ever could have sold a million copies of a CD. The next season, Ace Young rode his striking handsomeness to a seventh place finish and a cameo on Bones in which he got murdered. Win. Now compare that to someone like Taylor Hicks, a good-hearted third place if Iíve ever seen one, who inexplicably won and later got dropped from his recording contract because he didnít sell enough LPs. Itís not a matter of talent. Taylor Hicks is great, but he should have been appealing to a niche market with albums he wanted to make, not trying to move toward the middle to satisfy lofty expectations he couldnít possibly achieve.

Scotty McCreery is the only true American Idol left in the field. He has a clear genre and staggering prospects for success. His voice is fully-matured and arguably the best Idol has ever seen. Heís the only one of the remaining three contestants who could possibly achieve Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood levels of stardom. That has to count for something. Let Lauren take a few years to find her place. Let Haley record some bluesy singles a hundred thousand people or so will cherish. And for the love of Travis Tritt, let Scotty McCreery win American Idol and sell a hell of a lot of LPs in the process. He needs to. For himself, for the others and for the show's credibility.

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