Anderson Renewed For Second Season

By Jessica Grabert 5 years ago discussion comments
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I watched Anderson Cooperís first daytime televised episode and thought it went pretty well. Well enough that in the weeks following, I DVRíd the crap out of Anderson. Unfortunately, after that first go I never actually managed to sit down and watch a second episode. Obviously this wasnít because I thought the show sucked; instead, it had to do with the production not being quite there enough to make it a priority. The Warner Bros. Domestic TV syndicated program likely just needs some time to grow, and Anderson will get the time it needs.

Andersonís ratings have been alright, averaging a 1.4 in the ratings. While 1.4 isnít a number to swoon over, itís apparently enough to keep the show going for a little while. According to Deadline, two months in, the talk show is getting renewed for Season 2. Anderson will also be getting an upgrade, playing on more Fox stations in bigger markets across the United States. This could potentially be a big deal, since Cooperís show is currently airing on various stations at various times. According to Telepictures president Hilary Estey McLoughlin, Anderson could be something special:
ďThe show is off to a good start and has the opportunity to grow organically into something unique.Ē

Anderson Cooper is super likeable and Iím glad his program is doing well, regardless of whether or not he gets my viewership. In fact, Iím going to change that and tape his interview with Dancing With The Starsí Nancy Grace, right now. I do solemnly swear to actually watch this time.

Anderson airs on weekdays on various stations at various times during the day. Check your local listings.
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