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Last week, the six remaining contestants were informed that they made it to Makeover Week, and that pretty much encompassed the entire episode, which was shortened to one hour because The Voice now has its results show immediately after The Biggest Loser, and will do so for the rest of the season. A very cool hour saw the contestants get new duds and new do’s, and then jet off to D.C., where they all revealed their awesome new selves to their families… and First Lady Michelle Obama.

I don’t know much about politics, or politicians, and I tend to shy away from any conversations about that subject. But whatever your feelings about the President, either personally or professionally, there is no denying that Michelle Obama is the epitome of what a First Lady should be. Strong, dignified, a pillar of optimism, and who never forgets the little guy.

I was surprised (as were all of the contestants) when she revealed just how closely she watches the show: not only does she know all of the contestants but all of their relatives as well, and she spent a lot of time oohing and aahing and exchanging hugs with them, saying how much SHE admired THEM. That’s just awesome.

If you didn’t know, one in every three children in America is either obese or overweight, and Michelle started a movement two years ago called “Get Moving” to try to combat this growing epidemic. If you support that initiative, by all means, lend your support, because this is a trend that simply cannot continue for generations to come.

And then came a workout, right there in a spacious White House greeting room. On a fancy-looking carpet that looks like it was ment to be trod on by diplomats and foreign potentates, Michelle Obama, the contestants and their families went through the paces of a workout, led of course by Bob and Dolvett. And Michelle is a very fit lady, which should come as no surprise. And funny as well, stating that if Bob was too hard on her, she’d “get the Secret Service” on him. Hee.

From last week’s previews, it was hinted that Christine was headed for a fall this week, and you just hate to see that so late in a season (or ever). From her hotel room, Christine calls her hubby Roy, who tells her how lonely he is and how much he misses her. Which… is just trouble waiting to happen. I mean, I like Roy and if I was away from my wife’s side for nearly two months, I’d be pretty lonely too… but he should have put it a different way. Going on about how it’s been so long since he’s seen her is akin to piling on guilt, and that just can’t end well.

And then it happens. We see Chris chowing down, repeatedly, trying to find comfort the only way she knows how. And my heart dies a little. It’s Week 14, and instead of trying to talk it out with Bob or Dolvett or any of the other contestants who claim to love her and be her friend, she goes back to her old habits at the drop of a hat. It just goes to show you… the person inside has to change as much as the one on the outside. Each bite is painful to watch.

Of course, the next day, it takes Bob all of two seconds to surmise just what’s going on. Christine is worried about how the rest of her life is going to pan out, and Bob puts it to her: when has Roy ever supported her? She doesn’t have an answer. After a pep talk, Christine sucks it up and says that she can’t go back to being the fearful woman she was on Week One. I only half-believe her, and besides which, the damage was already done.

If you recall, last week there was a challenge that was won by Buddy, who earned himself a one-pound advantage. Conversely, Conda came in last place and was saddled with a one-pound disadvantage. With that in mind, here’s how the weigh-in went:

Jeremy - lost 11 pounds (-140 total), -4.12%, now stands at 249.
Buddy - lost 9 (+1) pounds (-143 total), -3.72%, now stands at 260.
Mark - lost 4 pounds (-95 total), -2.00%, now stands at 196.
Conda - lost 5 (-1) pounds (-89 total), -1.90%, now stands at 205.

Below the Yellow Line:
Kim - lost 2 pounds (-90 total), -1.22%, now stands at 162.
Christine - gained 2 pounds (-68 total), +1.15%, now stands at 172.

I called it, didn’t I? I knew Kim’s number was close to being up, and I was right. Not surprised about Christine’s number, though… one afternoon off the wagon is enough to put you back a week on this show.

Kudos. To Jeremy, for posting double digits during Makeover Week, truly a remarkable feat. And to Mark, for finally dropping below the 200 mark.

Elimination. After Cassandra and Emily were voted out, Kim was convinced (and so was I) that she would be taken out if she ever fell below the Yellow Line. And now that she is so close to her goal weight, I figured that would happen this week. Not only has she ruffled feathers in the house, but she is also a much bigger threat to win the season than Christine. And yet, it was Christine that was sent home.

This speaks volumes about the character of the remaining contestants, doesn’t it? Despite their differences, Buddy, Jeremy, Mark and Conda decided to keep Kim over Christine simply because Kim deserved to stay more. She has busted her butt week in and week out, and they recognized that. They are all good people (even Conda, who I despised early in the season, but who seems to have matured tremendously in the last few episodes). And something else just occurred to me… of the bob’s original Black Team, only Jeremy is left (or, if you count the revamped team, only Conda is left).

Standings. Jeremy’s monster week puts him at 35.75% lost, just a hair ahead of Kim, who is now in second at 35.71%. Buddy is right behind in third at -35.48%, followed by Mark (-32.65%) and Conda (-30.27%). I said it before, I’ll say it again… this season is now a two-horse race between Jeremy and Buddy.

Update: Thank God, Christine returned home with renewed vigor, and it would appear that she has not slipped up again. She has dropped an additional eighteen pounds since leaving the Ranch, putting her at an extremely trim 156 pounds. She and her family have kicked their bad eating habits and now enjoy a much more active lifestyle. Whew, I was really worried.

Next week: in late February, a story broke that the producers of the show planned a late-season twist that infuriated the remaining five contestants so badly that they threatened to walk off the show, causing a delay in production. Now we get the whole story, warts and all.
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