Bret Michaels Could Return For Celebrity Apprentice Finale

By Kelly West 6 years ago discussion comments
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Bret Michaels Could Return For Celebrity Apprentice Finale image
While Bret Michaels might be down right now, due to the brain hemorrhage he suffered, heís not out of the running to win this seasonís Celebrity Apprentice, nor is it being ruled out that heíll be able to make it to the finale.

Whether he makes it to the end of the competition remains to be seen, however itís generally traditional for all of the contestants on The Apprentice to return for the big finale. Given Michaelsí recent medical issues, I doubt many of us would be surprised if he wasnít able to be there for the end of the season, but doctors arenít ruling it out. According to the Hollywood Reporter, doctors are saying its possible that the former Poison singer might be healthy enough to appear on the live finale of Celebrity Apprentice, which is set to air on May 23rd.

"If all the studies he had done show no evidence of an aneurysm being found, it would really just depend on his energy level," said Dr. Ronald Benitez, director of cerebrovascular surgery at Overlook Hospital in Summit, N.J. "If all the tests were negative, and I was watching the show at the end of May, I personally wouldn't be surprised if he was on it."

Barring any setbacks, Iíd say I agree with Dr. Benitez. Michaelsí is a trooper. Letís hope he gets "well." If well includes the energy to return to the series for the finale, that's a bonus. It will definitely be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out, especially considering there's a chance Michaels' is one of the two finalists set to face off in the board room during the live season finale.
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