Chelsea Handler Talks Hosting The VMAs And Kanye Plans

By Kelly West 6 years ago discussion comments
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Chelsea Handler Talks Hosting The VMAs And Kanye Plans image
With the MTV Video Music Awards less than a month away, itís good to hear that MTV has a host lined up for the anticipated event. This yearís host is Chelsea Handler and she promises sheíll be herself on this job.

MTV announced the news that the Chelsea Lately host will be taking on the VMAs next month and also posted an update that included some words by Handler on her feelings on the event, as well as her plans, which include being herself and hopefully doing something with Kanye West.

"I'm pretty excited, because it's such a big hip-hop and rap year, and I just love having those guys on my show, and they have the best senses of humor anyway," Handler said. "I'm hoping we can do some really fun stuff with these A-holes. I want to go and film some ridiculous stuff and see if Kanye, if we can do something with Kanye, because I always talk about Kanye, so he seems like he'd be in on the fun. We just had our first couple of meetings the last couple of weeks, and then we'll figure out a plan. I'll be myself ó that I can promise."

Itís great to see a woman hosting the show and a funny one at that! As far as being herself, well, letís face it, in my memory every outlandish comedian-type thatís ever hosted this awards ceremony has been a mostly watered-down version of their own act during the gig. Thatís to be expected though as Iím guessing the producers are too busy worrying about what kind of ďunplannedĒ crazy moment might occur to want to stress over the hostís behavior. I doubt Iím alone in having learned a long time ago not to expect the best stuff from the host in question when it comes to the VMAís, even if Iím a fan of their work. This certainly applies to Chelsea Handler.

Will there be wit and a few humorous, biting remarks in the direction of some of the known names seated in front of her? Most likely. But Iím also predicting a much more toned down Chelsea than the one seen on her E! series.

The 27th annual MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on September 12 at 9 p.m. ET. F
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