Christian Slater Comes to the Small Screen (Probably)

By Amanda Krill 8 years ago discussion comments
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Christian Slater Comes to the Small Screen (Probably) image
The first time I remember seeing Christian Slater was in the 1985 classic The Legend of Billie Jean. Oh yeah, Helen Slaterís one great movie. He was her younger brother Binx, and I just loved him to death. I was nine years old, and begged my mom to cut my hair short like Billie Jean. My mom said no...

Mr. Slater of course has been in tons of other movies, including Interview With A Vampire, and as the unforgettable Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh in Young Guns II. Heís appeared in tv shows - The West Wing, Alias, and long ago in Ryanís Hope.

His fabulous talent has recently been tapped to star in a new NBC drama which is either without a title, or itís being held tightly to their collective chests. Or maybe it's not a done deal yet. Hollywood Reporter describes the show as "The Bourne Identity" meets "Jekyll & Hyde" and centers on a mild-mannered suburban dad (Slater) who learns that his alter ego is a spy.

Apparently itís been a major effort to get him to agree to appear on the small screen as a permanent gig. I, for one am glad, heís a great actor, who hasnít had a big project in awhile. The good actorís always deserve a second chance.
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