Curtis Stone New Top Chef: Masters Host

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago discussion comments
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This is why following your favorite TV shows, celebrities and websites is always a good idea. It may seem stupid, but now and again, it can be a great, easy source for valuable information. As per the Facebook fan page of Top Chef: Masters, the show is officially returning for another season with an all new host. This, in and of itself, is not overly shocking. Top Chef: Masters owns and does fairly well in the ratings, but previous host Kelly Choi is out, replaced with a more famous face.

Celebrity Apprentice star and affable chef Curtis Stone will be taking over hosting duties at least for season three, finally answering the question, can handsome people do whatever the hell they want? Yes, yes they can, and I am loving every second of it. Random television crossovers are like waking up on Christmas morning, and seeing as how I obsess over Top Chef and watched every single episode of last seasonís Celebrity Apprentice, I would be down with this, even if it didnít make sense. But it does. This gig is right in Curtisí wheelhouse, and Top Chef: Masters will gain a lot from his uptempo personality.

No word yet on when this might air or who might compete, but whenever it does show up, Iíll definitely be watching. You should join me.
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