Harry Potter Director Chris Columbus Rebooting The Rifleman At CBS

By Jesse Carp 2011-11-08 23:37:57 discussion comments
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Hey you guys! In a change of pace for the long-time feature writer-director, Chris Columbus is not only joining a growing list of film talents looking to explore their creativity on the small screen but he's also returning to his television roots. That's right, the man who developed Galaxy High School, or perhaps better known as the writer of The Goonies and director of the first two films in the Harry Potter franchise, is bringing a classic western to CBS.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Columbus, after recently signing a three for one deal with CBS studios, will be reviving the 1958 series The Rifleman in association with Carol Mendelsohn Productions. The project has Columbus and CSI vet Mendelsohn joining Laeta Kalogridis, Patrick Lussier and Julie Weitz as executive producers on the wild west reboot. Columbus is also attached to direct the pilot and, even though he doesn't really have experience in the genre and has struggled as of late (his last three or four films are not exactly stellar), his presence still inspires confidence in the project.

The Rifleman is about sharpshooter and Civil War hero Lucas McCain, who not only is the best shot in the west but also is haunted by his past (aren't they all?). However, when he settles in an uncharted New Mexico territory with his only son Mark, he has to team up with the local Sheriff to keep law and order. I can hear the Morricone whistle already. There must be something in the water because TV studios are going crazy over any properties even tangentially related to the west. I'm currently prepping my House-style medical drama called Saloon. Seriously, there's this project Hangtown at ABC, Gateway at TNT and finally, Hell on Wheels, which just premiered on AMC (to good numbers). None will be better than HBO's Deadwood, just saying.
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