HBO Go Could Be Coming To Time Warner Cable Subscribers Soon

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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HBO Go Could Be Coming To Time Warner Cable Subscribers Soon image
At this point, itís doesnít seem realistic to get excited over the latest bit of news regarding Time Warner Cable and HBO Go. The whole HBO Go thing has seemed like one big tease to those of us who get HBO through Time Warner Cable. Cablevision subscribers can also relate. Back in September, it was looking like HBO Go and Time Warner were close to a deal to bring the digital service to TWC subscribers, but so far, nothing.

To catch you up, HBO Go is a website and an app offered ďfreeĒ to paying HBO subscribers through most of the major cable service providers. The service, which launched earlier this year, offers oodles (oodles!) of HBO TV shows, movies, specials and documentaries. Itís a virtual buffet of HBO content but Time Warner Cable subscribers have yet to be invited to the party.

According to Bloomberg, Time Warner Cable may be (once again) close to a deal with HBO to make HBO Go available to its subscribers. Negotiations have been ongoing since May and the reason for the delay is unknown (to the public), but according to TWC COO Robert Marcus, heís confident that a deal will be reached ďsoon.Ē Thatís about all we know. So, itís barely an update, but at the very least, we know theyíre still trying...
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