Lindsay Lohan Will Guest Star On Anger Management

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago discussion comments
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Lindsay Lohan Will Guest Star On Anger Management image
Lindsay Lohanís been chomping at the bit to ascertain a new acting gig after The Canyons failed to be a low budget masterpiece and Liz & Dick failed to create good buzz over at Lifetime. She may not have found a lucrative lead role just yet, but she will be headed to TV, where she will team up with her Scary Movie 5 co-star, Charlie Sheen, during an episode of his hit comedy.

Thatís right, Lohan has taken a guest starring role in an upcoming episode of FXís comedy, Anger Management. According to EW, Lohan will reportedly play Sheenís love interest in the episode. Sheíll come into the series as Dr. Charlie Goodsenís patient (thatís Sheenís character) and sheíll leave having jumped into bed with the man. Sheen and Lohan set to hit the sheets? Somehow, this is a familiar image.

Sheen actually did Lohan a huge favor some months back when he handed her $100,000 to help pay some back taxes. At the time, a controversy ensued after Lohan forgot to tell the man ďthank you.Ē While she later rectified the situation, appearing on Anger Management should also help soften the blow. Maybe in the process it will even help to rehab Lohanís image a bit. She should probably be counting more on the small paycheck than on that happening, though. Weíll let you know when LiLoís episode gets an airdate.

FXís Anger Management airs on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. ET.
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