Mythbusters Sets Season 10 Premiere Date

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago discussion comments
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Mythbusters is returning to Discovery with its first batch of Season 10 episodes very soon. The long-running series, which is hosted by Adam Savage and Jame Hyneman, will return to the schedule with new episodes beginning on May 1. For those of you who donít have a calendar handy, thatís a Wednesday.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, the guys and their team have some wacky ideas planned. First, they are going to see if a rocket-propelled car can fly. If that myth sounds familiar, it shouldóitís the first myth the team attempted to test 10 years ago. For Season 10, a zombie-themed episode has also been planned andThe Walking Deadís Michael Rooker will guest star in that episode. Additionally, a Breaking Bad episode has been planned, as well as a crossover episode with the Deadliest Catch team. Other guest stars include Ryan Briscoe, who is famous for racing Indycars, and Wallace Spearmon, the Olympic runner.

Discovery is pretty fond of filming its hit series, noting that over 7,200 hours have been taped since Mythbustersí inception. If all the star power in the above paragraph doesnít suit you, there will be plenty of other episodes, as well, offering topics ranging from multitasking in men and women to whether or not explosives can capably help individuals to paint rooms. Yes, that last topic sounds absolutely wild.

Some of these episodes will not hit the schedule until Mythbusters airs its second Season 10 cycle later in 2013. Discovery is fond of splitting each season into two parts, and EW is reporting thatís when the zombie episode will air. Itís not that the other 885 myths the team has tested have not been worthy, but a zombie episode featuring 300 extras in makeup sounds like an excellent use of time.
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