Psych Musical Will Be 2 Hours And The Clue Episode Will Be Awesome

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago discussion comments
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Psych Musical Will Be 2 Hours And The Clue Episode Will Be Awesome image
Fans of Psych already knew theyíd be in for a crazy season thanks to a Clue-theme episode and a musical, but if the Comic Con panel is any indication, the new chunk of episodes will be even wackier than expected. In addition to what Iíve mentioned above, fans will also get a taste of some Blair Witch spoofing and some legitimate character drama with real consequences.

First, letís talk about Clue because, well, who doesnít love Clue? During the video presentation, footage reportedly included the guys running through the mansion and even doing the famous one-plus-two-plus-one-plus-one banter. Our own Kelly West told me the entire thing looks incredible, and like her, I canít wait to see the whole episode play out, especially since one of the characters will reportedly get shot.

Second, we now have a few details on the musical episode. It apparently hasnít been written in its entirety yet, but the scribes are working hard and it should be done soon. If youíre wondering what the hold up is, the delay is probably due mostly to the episode being expanded to two hours. Thatís good news because, while Glee fans might disagree, itís far easier to get into the groove with songs when the cast is given more time to work with.

Lastly, the panel touched on the Psych book, which will apparently hit stores on February 19, 2013. I know thatís not exactly news about the upcoming season, but for fanatics, itís still very relevant. Itíll be titled Psychís Guide 2 Crime Fighting For The Totally Unqualified.

To read more about what happened during the panel and to find a major spoiler on who gets shot, you can head on over to Kellyís full coverage here.
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