Real Housewives Of DC Probably Out

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago discussion comments
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Iím far from a reality television fanatic, but the shows I do watch regularly all have one thing in common: people worth watching. As a consequence, my interest level has sharply varied depending on the season in question. For example: I will always watch repeats of Top Chef season 1, usually watch repeats of seasons 2, 4 and 6, may watch the occasional season 3 or 7 airing but will have nothing to do with season 5. The show wasnít any worse on paper during season 5, I just didnít really enjoy watching any of the contestants not named Fabio or Stefan. The same general principal could also apply to American Idol (still love season 4, still hate 3), Survivor (still love season 1, still hate 2) or Project Runway (still love season 4, hate season 5). Just because you have a hit format doesnít mean itís always going to work if youíre changing out players. Thatís a hard lesson Bravo is learning with The Real Housewives.

According to Radar Online, the failures of Real Housewives: DC and now Miami have forced producers to reevaluate their strategy. Rather than constantly expanding, theyíre going to shore up the incarnations that did work, and the ones that didnít are likely S.O.L. The aforementioned website is reporting Real Housewives: DC has been canceled, but Zap2It reached out to Bravo and got a statement saying they havenít yet decided on the programís future. Best case scenario, itíll be shelved for a retool.

I would suspect if Bravo officially scraps it for more episodes of New York, Orange County, Atlanta or New Jersey, hardcore viewers wonít lose much sleep. They canít all be winners, and the more you expand, the more you detract from your original brand.
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