Regis Philbin Back to Live! Monday, Jan. 4

By Jason J. Hughes 2009-12-31 17:31:43 discussion comments
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Regis Philbin Back to Live! Monday, Jan. 4 image
Come Monday, the Reege will be back for good on Live! With Regis and Kelly, according to the Associated Press. The 78-year old had been out since his hip replacement surgery back on December 1. I know this may say a lot about the morbid state of my mind, but I've started getting nervous when Regis Philbin is off the show, or when he seems a little "off" on the show. He is getting up there in years.

It's kind of like watching Dick Clark on his New Year's Rockin' Eve specials with Ryan Seacrest. I'm old enough to remember when Clark was rockin' with the best of him, but at this point age has finally caught up with America's favorite "teenager." I think of Regis more like your crazy college frat brother than a teenager.

But like Clark, who's 80 himself, Philbin is a television icon, and a face we've probably come to take for granted. I hope he's able to bow out gracefully, if he chooses to do so, like Bob Barker did from The Price Is Right. I don't know if I could take watching Philbin be anything less than the energetic, zany, hilarious and downright kooky co-host he is right now. Or maybe he can just live forever and I won't have to worry about any of that. With True Blood on hiatus, maybe Bill Compton can stop by and make him immortal.

For now, we can cherish Dick Clark on New Year's Eve, and keep hanging out with Regis Philbin every morning, starting up again on Monday, Jan. 4.

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