Seth MacFarlane's New Animated Comedy Bordertown Gets Series Order At Fox

By Kelly West 2013-11-08 19:43:11 discussion comments
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Seth MacFarlane's New Animated Comedy Bordertown Gets Series Order At Fox image
American Dadís move to TBS and The Cleveland Showís cancellation last spring isnít an indication that Fox is tiring of Seth MacFarlaneís animated comedies. In fact, it seems they may have found the new comedy to fill the vacancy in their Sunday night line-up next season. The network announced today that theyíve ordered an animated comedy series called Bordertown from Family Guyís Mark Hentemann and Seth MacFarlane.

The series, which has received a 13-episode order, is slated for the 2014-2015 season and centers on two families living in a Southwest desert town on the U.S.-Mexico border.
From Mark Hentemann and Seth MacFarlane (FAMILY GUY), BORDERTOWN will take a satirical look at the cultural shifts occurring throughout America. Set in a fictitious desert town near the Mexico border, the series centers on the intertwining daily lives of two neighbors: BUD BUCKWALD and ERNESTO GONZALES. Married and a father of three, Bud is a Border Patrol agent who feels threatened by the cultural changes that have transformed his neighborhood. Living next door to Bud is Ernesto, an industrious Mexican immigrant and father of four, who is proud to be making it in America. As Bud and Ernestoís paths begin to cross, their families become bound by friendship, romance and conflict.

This sounds like the premise of a multi-camera sitcom with an inevitably short lifespan, but as an animated comedy, and one presumably slated for Foxís Animation Domination line-up on Sunday nights ó Foxís announcement doesnít specify the intended night Bordertown will air, just that itís for 2014-2015 ó it seems like something that would do just fine with Family Guyís audience.

Right now, Foxís Sunday night animated comedy block consists of The Simpsons, Bobís Burgers, Family Guy and American Dad. As mentioned, American Dad is TBS-bound as of next year. The series is only a few episodes into its current season, which caps off Animation Domination on Sunday nights. Assuming Fox isnít planning to expand Animation Domination beyond the two-hours it occupies now, Borderland would fit that space nicely, and a Family Guy lead-in certainly wouldnít hurt in terms of getting its feet off the ground.

The 2014-2015 season seems like itís an eternity away, but itís actually less than a year, so itís not entirely too soon for networks to start making arrangements for the next seasonís lineup. With that said, we still have midseason of the 2013-2014 schedule to anticipate, which includes the return of American Idol and The Following, as well as the premieres of Rake and new comedy Enlisted. Check out Foxís 2013 midseason premiere date schedule here.

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