Sherlock Series 2 Preview: The Reichenbach Fall

By Jesse Carp 2012-01-13 12:03:42 discussion comments
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After last week’s play on Sir Author Conan Doyle’s most famous work, “The Hound of the Baskervilles,”Sherlock is back Sunday night with the Series 2 finale “The Reichenbach Fall.” That’s right, unfortunately the second season of the BBC One program is almost over but it’s quite an achievement when 3 (ninety minute) shows feel more complete and rewarding than most other series that run for a full twenty four. In case you weren’t already excited for the final episode of the adaptation by Steven Moffat and Alex Gatiss, here’s a preview that features the return of James Moriarty. Yes, the game is afoot.

As with the other episodes in the series, the title once again references on of Doyle’s works, this time it’s his short story “The Final Problem.” The story, as suggested by the title, was supposed to be the author’s last work revolving around his most famous main character, however, in light of fan outcry, he continued his work with Sherlock, turning the short stories into novels. “The Final Problem” is famously the story that introduces us to the character of James Moriarty, the equally intelligent and infinitely more deviant nemesis of the pipe-smoking protagonist. The story ends with a trip to the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland where, well, you’ll have to seek it out for yourself to find out.

However, in the BBC series, “The Reichenbach Fall” doesn’t seem to allude to the literal waterfalls like the short story but instead perhaps our heroes descent? The first look at the finale is just another brief ‘anagramed’ TV spot - RUN ROCKS SHELTER - that mostly features footage from the upcoming episode and reintroduces Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty. In fact, the finale shot with the adversaries both locked up in prison is not only intriguing but immediately brings to mind some of the great interrogation scenes like the one in The Dark Knight. I can’t wait to see them battle wits while locked away. Take a look.

There’s also this longer preview for “The Reichenbach Fall” that offers more of a complete overview the episode. It’s a more traditional teaser, setting up the episode’s narrative thread and buoying our anticipation. It’s quite long and detailed so you may not want to watch if you prefer going into the show fresh but I know I couldn’t resist a sneak peek at the last we’ll see of Sherlock for some time.

Sherlock Series 2 airs on BBC One on Sunday at 9 p.m It doesn’t air in the US until May 2012 on PBS . For those with a region free player the entire second season hits U.K. shelves on January 23, 2012. Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

Official synopsis from the BBC One Sherlock website,
James Moriarty possesses the greatest criminal mind that the world has ever seen. Sherlock and John knew he wouldn’t stay hidden for long. But even they never guessed the sheer scale and audacity of the crime that would propel Moriarty back into the headlines. The crime of the century. The Tower of London, the Bank of England and Pentonville prison - all sprung open on the same day, as if by magic! But Moriarty’s plans don’t stop there… Sherlock and John lock horns with their old enemy in one final problem that tests loyalty and courage to their very limits. Sherlock must fight for his reputation, his sanity and his life. But is he all he claims to be?

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