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Would Arrow Ever Reveal His Secret Identity To Star City?
Season 5 is gearing up to be a return to form for the superheroic crime drama, but with the flashbacks ending this season, Arrow may need a new lease on life in the future. Could that life include Oliver going public with his vigilante persona?
What The Huge DC Crossover On The CW Is Going To Be About
We still have a long wait ahead for the big CW DC crossover across four shows, but when it does kick off, here's what it will be about.
Is Magic Completely Gone From Arrow Now?
Arrow Executive Producer Wendy Mericle recently spoke to Cinema Blend at Comic-Con about whether or not the world of Oliver Queen would drop magic from Season 5 and beyond altogether.
Will Diggle Get More Action In Arrow Season 5? Here's What David Ramsey Says
No one had an easy time of it in Arrow Season 4, and viewers even had to make some sacrifices as David Ramsey's John Diggle spent a good chunk of the season dealing with a subplot involving his brother, putting some distance between him and Oliver & Co. But what will he get up to in Season 5?
Will Arrow's Flashbacks Continue After Season 5? Here's What The Showrunner Says
Arrow has always told the story of the upswing of Oliver Queen as a hero in the present as well as his downfall in the past via flashbacks to his five years of hell. Now, the showrunner has revealed what will happen once the five years are up.
One Major Arrow Plot Was Almost Entirely Different, Get The Details
The Arrow panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con revealed that a major subplot from the Emerald Archer's solo series almost turned out wildly different.
What Arrow's John Diggle Has Been Up To, According To David Ramsey
Actor David Ramsey has shed some much-needed light on what Arrow's John Diggle has been up to since taking a sabbatical from Team Arrow.
Arrow's Katie Cassidy Is Going To Be On Multiple Shows Next Season, Get The Details
We've got some truly fantastic news for Arrow fans who aren't quite ready to say good-bye to actress Katie Cassidy.
Arrow Is Putting Together A New Team In Season 5 Trailer
We're still a few months away from watching the full aftermath of Arrow Season 4, which put Team Arrow in a very complicated place. And when Season 5 gets here, it looks like we'll be watching a somewhat different team rise up from the ashes. Check out the first trailer for Season 5!
The Flash And Arrow Universe Is About To Make Its Villains Way Stronger, Get The Details
There has been no shortage of villains on Arrow and The Flash over the years, from the weekly metahumans and vagrants to the season-capping big bads. Now, the combined TV universe is going huge with some familiar faces.
When Arrow Will Reveal Black Canary's Final Words
Arrow made a bold move in Season 4 by killing off one of its longest-running characters in Laurel Lance, and she's pretty definitively dead. Still, her story isn't finished as long the show doesn't reveal her final words. Now, we know when the big reveal will come.
How Batman Could Still Join The CW's DC TV Shows
With all of the comic book TV shows currently popping up across the primetime landscape, it should be hard for fans to complain about anything outside of show-specific nitpicking. Yet, I could easily air out some grievances over not having a live-action Batman anywhere on the small screen. However...
The WWE's Cody Rhodes Totally Wants To Destroy Oliver For His Arrow Appearance
Oliver Queen has faced his fair share of bad guys bent on his destruction over the years on Arrow. Now, it's looking like WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes is hoping to use his upcoming Arrow appearance to really make his mark on Oliver.
7 Reasons Why Legends Of Tomorrow Needs To Get Better At Time Travel
The CW has established an impressive empire of superhero series, but time travel show Legends of Tomorrow's sadly falls short on how it handles its central premise. Legends just isn't very good at time travel, and we have seven reasons why that needs to change ASAP.
WWE's Cody Rhodes Is Taking His Arrow Season 5 Appearance Seriously, Check It Out
Professional wrestler Cody Rhodes is proving to his fans that he won't be taking any prisoners when he faces off against Oliver Queen on Season 5 of Arrow. Here's what is happening.
One Arrow Character Is Branching Out In A Big Way
This fall, The CW will increase its already impressive interconnected comic book universe by adding Supergirl to the mix. And now it looks like the creative team behind the shows will also give one particular Arrow character access to the whole shebang.
How Diggle Feels About Supergirl Joining The Universe, According To The Actor
There will be some big changes in The CW's DC universe when Supergirl joins the rest of the shows in the comics lineup. Actor David Ramsay predicts that his character will have a pretty extreme reaction to Kara when she crosses his path.
Why Many Arrow Fans May Be Furious About Oliver's Love Life In Season 5
Oliver Queen's love life was kind of a big deal in Season 4 as he went through some serious romantic ups and downs that not all fans really enjoyed. Now, it looks like some fans may not be too happy about his love life in Season 5 either.
How Stephen Amell's Wrestling Career Is Going To Affect Arrow
While hints that other WWE fights could happen have been mentioned in recent months, now his wrestling career is going to affect Arrow and in a good way. (We think.)
Arrow Season 5: What We Know So Far
The CW's Arrow was designed with a five-year model for Oliver Queen's development as a hero. Season 5 promises to be one of the most exciting of the series as it brings Oliver full-circle from the series premiere. Here's a look at what we know so far about Arrow Season 5.
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