TV Comic Con 2010

Comic Con: ABC's No Ordinary Family Panel Highlights
I regret not being able to catch the panel for the show at Comic Con but fortunately, ABC released this video, which includes a few clips from the panel as well as interviews with NOF stars Julie Benz and Michael Chiklis.
Comic Con: Highlights From The Castle Panel
Nathan Fillion probably had a handful of reasons to be at Comic Con. Among them was certainly the appearance he made at the Castle panel. Check out this video, which features clips from the panel, as well as some brief interviews with the cast of the series.
Comic Con: Community Panel Video
If you’re among the Community fans out there who wasn’t able to be at the fantastic panel at Comic Con this weekend, you’re in luck as we have the video of the full panel for you to check out!
Comic Con: Watch The Event Panel Here
For those of you who weren’t able to be at Comic Con, or you were but you didn’t get to attend the screening and panel for NBC’s new series The Event, NBC posted the video on their site and we have it here for you to check out.
Comic Con: Taylor Cole Talks About Her Mysterious Role On The Event
During Comic Con this week, we attended the screening of NBC’s upcoming thriller series The Event, after which, we had the chance to talk to one of the stars, Taylor Cole.
Comic Con: Zeljko Ivanek Discusses The Event
Following the sneak preview of NBC’s new series The Event at Comic Con this weekend, we had the chance to talk to actor Zeljko Ivanek about his role in the show.
Comic Con: Ian Anthony Dale Talks About The Event
After previewing the first episode of NBC’s upcoming thriller series The Event, we had a chance to speak with some of the cast, including Ian Anthony Dale, who plays Simon Lee in the series.
Comic Con: Gillian Jacobs Chats With Us About Community
Last but not least among the Community cast interviews we did yesterday, is Gillian Jacobs. Check out our video with the woman who plays Britta Perry in the popular NBC comedy.
Comic Con: Danny Pudi And Yvette Nicole Brown Make Us Laugh
Yesterday, after the Community panel at Comic Con ended, we had the chance to talk to some of the cast and producers of the series. Check out our video interview with Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi and Russ Krasnoff.
Comic Con: Chevy Chase And Donald Glover Discuss Community
Following the Community panel at Comic Con today, Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, and executive producer Garrett Donovan sat down with us to discuss the series and what’s to come in the second season.
Comic Con: Joel McHale And Alison Brie Discuss Community
Find out what they said about the show, McHale’s future on The Soup, Alison’s thoughts on Annie vs. Trudy, and what Betty White will be up to in the second season premiere.
Comic Con: Scott Patterson Talks About The Event
Among the cast of NBC’s new series The Event is Scott Patterson, who’s probably best known for his role as Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls. He talked to us about his new role on The Event and the buzz on the GG reunion!
Comic Con: NBC's The Event Looks Like A Keeper
I had the opportunity to preview the pilot episode of NBC’s upcoming series The Event here at Comic Con and if the series premiere is any indication of what we can expect from this show, we’re in for a very exciting, suspenseful series.
Comic Con: More Soup For Joel McHale?
We had the opportunity to speak with Joel McHale following the panel for the NBC's Community, which took place today at Comic Con. When the subject of McHale’s E! clip show The Soup came up, he revealed that his contract ends this year.
Comic Con: Linda Hamilton Returning To Television To Play Chuck's Mom
Chuck’s geeky cool family just got a little more awesome. No not Captain Awesome. Awesome awesome. His dad has already been played by Quantum Leaper Sam Beckett, and now Chuck’s mom has been cast
Highlight Video For The Walking Dead Comic Con Panel
Today at Comic Con, some of the stars and makers of the series participated in a panel to talk to fans about the project. If you love zombies (or fear them), you might want to check out this highlight video, which features some of the best bits of the panel.
Comic Con: Stargate Universe Panel Releases Details From Season Two
If you’re a fan of the science fiction genre, there are few places better to be than San Diego Comic Con. Every franchise you have ever known and loved is represented in some fashion, be it a panel, an
Comic Con: Peter M. Lenkov And Len Wiseman
Among the people we got to talk to about CBS’ upcoming reboot of Hawaii Five-0 were executive producer Peter M. Lenkov and pilot director Len Wiseman. Video ahead!
Comic Con: Alex Kurtzman And Roberto Orci Discuss Hawaii Five-0
We had the chance to sit down with the legendary duo, who brought us Fringe and the recent Star Trek film. Check out the video ahead to see what they had to say about the direction of Hawaii Five-0, which premieres on CBS this fall.
Comic Con: Daniel Dae Kim Discusses Hawaii Five-0
Daniel Dae Kim was at Comic Con today to talk about his new role on CBS’ upcoming drama series Hawaii Five-0, which is set to premiere this fall. Check out the video ahead, which features the former Lost star as he talks about the part and the series.

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