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11 TV Shows That Would Be Perfect For Netflix To Bring Back
Cancellation nowadays doesn’t mean what it used to mean when it comes to TV. While it’s never exactly good news to hear that a favorite show has been axed by a network, hope is not lost so long as Netflix is out there as a possible savior. Here is a look at eleven TV shows that would be perfect for Netflix to bring back.
This TV Orgy Supercut Includes A Ton Of Nude Scenes
a variety of sitcoms and dramas on television have managed to tackle orgies over the past few years and now they can be viewed together in this fabulous orgy supercut. Before you check it out, we will say that while the video is tame as far as orgies are concerned, it’s still probably not best checked out while at work.
How To Watch Party Down And 2 More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming
Welcome, all of you who may or may not have time to watch TV as it airs live. We’re going to start taking a weekly look at the three best TV series to hit the three most popular streaming sites, namely Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant.
See The Party Down Cast Reunited In Pink Bow Ties At SF Sketchfest
Those of us who loved the Starz comedy series Party Down would surely love the opportunity to see the stars of the comedy series back in their pink bow ties for some sort of a reunion (or a movie!). Fans who were able to get to the San Francisco Comedy Festival SF Sketchfest were in for a treat as the cast did reunite, dressed up in their Party Down uniforms, to answer questions and reminisce about the series.
Party Down's Ryan Hansen To Star In Fox Comedy Pilot El Jefe
I refuse to lose hope that actor Ryan Hansen will find a role that gives him the spotlight he deserves. With memorable roles in shows like Veronica Mars and Starz’ underrated comedy series Party Down, I think Hansen is due for a starring role that helps showcase his true potential as a funny actor. Will Fox’s comedy pilot El Hefe be it?
Party Down Reunion Clip From Childrens Hospital
I can't believe I almost let a whole week go by and I didn't share this clip. One of the funniest shows of the last few years was Starz' Party Down. Notice that I had to say "was" because the show, like so many other comedic gems who will not be named, was cancelled after only two seasons. Lucky for us, the few of us that tuned in and adored the show that is, there was a brief Party Down reunion on last week's Childrens Hospital.
McPoyle Twin Jimmi Simpson To Guest Star On How I Met Your Mother
I love when small but great character actors get high-profile work. Even if not a particularly big part, any added exposure may increase the chance that they land a future project, and I'd love to see Jimmi Simpson in just about anything. Oh, and when the guest spot or recurring role just happens to be on one of the biggest sitcoms going, How I Met Your Mother, well, it certainly can't hurt.
Martin Starr Guest Stars As A Poli-Sci Professor On NBC's Community
Martin Starr, one of my favorite, and surely one of the most underappreciated and underused comedic supporting actors, has just signed on to do a guest spot on one of my favorite sitcoms, NBC's Community. The former Party Down-er and member of the "Apatow troupe" will be at Greendale Community College for (at least) one episode in the upcoming third season.
Childrens Hospital To Party Down With Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr And Ryan Hansen
This is what I call mixed news. Thanks to the good people over at Childrens Hospital, we're going to get a Party Down reunion... of sorts. Actually it's great news but it makes me think of what was and what will never be ever again
Ryan Hansen Signs On For Another NBC Comedy
I love hearing casting news about former Veronica Mars stars. In this case, I’m referring to Ryan Hansen, who has been cast to star in NBC’s comedy pilot Lovelives.
Fox Orders Rob Thomas Comedy Pilot
Rob Thomas is making a return to network TV! For fans of Matchbox Twenty, disregard. This is a different Rob Thomas. Fans of Party Down and Veronica Mars, read on!
Favorite Male TV Characters Of 2010
Whether they were saving the day, solving or fighting crime, making us laugh, making us gasp or delivering one great moment after another, 2010 had no shortage of great male characters.
Starz Cancels Party Down And Gravity
It's been rumored for a while now that Party Down, with its great cast and critical raves and tragically low ratings, might not be long for this world. Today the ax has fallen
Good Things Ahead As Season 2 Of Party Down Winds Down
There are good things in store for Party Down as the series second season inches closer to its finale! First and foremost, we have a video from this week’s episode, which features a guest appearance by comedian Paul Scheer.
Party Down Preview: Kristen Bell Returns
This week’s episode of Party Down features the return of Kristen Bell’s character! We have some clips from the episode for those of you who can’t wait until Friday night.
Party Down Review: Season 2 Delivers More Laughs
Based on the first handful of episodes of the new season, it seems hoping the show would stay funny was setting the bar low. Party Down is back and with it are more amusing antics and plenty of laughs thanks to the cluster of Hollywood wannabes paying the rent by catering parties.
Ryan Hansen Gets Friends With Benefits
Starz subscribers will be getting more of Ryan Hansen’s egotistically-charged humor when Party Down returns next month and it seems the Veronica Mars alum will be even busier on the small screen now that he’s been cast in a new NBC comedy pilot.
Starz Sets Date For Party Down Return And Gravity Premiere
Starz announced today that the second season of their comedy series Party Down is set to premiere on April 23rd. What’s more, the new comedy-slash-tragedy series Gravity will share the 10 o’clock hour with Party Down.
Megan Mullaly To Party Down With Starz
Megan Mullaly will play a middle-aged mother who moves to Hollywood so her 13-year-old daughter Escapade – yes, Escapade – can become an actress. I hope they didn’t pay too much for Escapade’s head shots
Exclusive Look At Kristen Bell On Party Down
As you may have heard, Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Heroes, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is set to guest star on the season finale of Party Down. We have an exclusive video clip of her in the show that should give you a pretty good idea of what her character is all about.

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