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Mad Men Watch: Season 6, Episode 12 - The Quality Of Mercy
Where to start, Don Draper 2.0, the maiming of Ken Cosgrove, the triumphant return of Glen? These are all trumped by the second really bad week in a row for Don who last week lost his daughter and now might have lost the only other woman in his life that matters.
Arrow Watch: Episode 11 - Trust But Verify
Arrow is back in the saddle again and all it took was a little pushing and prodding by his consigliere Diggle. Oh, and one distress call from Laurel to the aPhone. After the events of "Years's End" and a bit of a struggle to regain his confidence in "Burned," our hero is finally ready to fully resume hunting. Those who have failed this city better beware because Arrow is back in fine crime fighting form for Episode 11, "Trust But Verify."
Girls Watch: Season 2 , Episode 2 - I Get Ideas
Girls not only returned last Sunday with an excellent second season premiere but also bagged two major awards at the Golden Globes. The newly minted recipient of the Best Actress and Best Comedy statuettes already had a lot to live up to and now that it's sporting some hardware, Lena Dunham and her series surely have their work cut out for them with the rest of Season 2. Can "I Get Ideas" live up to the increasingly high standards?
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 10 - Florida
As 30 Rock creeps closer and closer to its finale, it just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I think 30 Rock is shaping up to have one of the strongest final seasons for a sitcom ever and I think they might have delivered my favorite episode yet of the year. Line for line the episode was almost entirely quotable.
Parks and Recreation Watch: Season 5, Episode 10 - Two Parties
Ben and Leslie have their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties on the same night and one group has a lot of fun while the other moves plot points forward. Unfortunately, Leslie is saddled with the plot heavy party, as the proposed park next to Ann's house is surprisingly put under construction by her councilman rival.
Arrow Watch: Episode 10 - Burned
After about a month away, Arrow finally returned to fighting crime last night on The CW. The events of "Year's End" are still not far from Oliver's mind, however, there's no more time to dwell on the past because present this week is a very fiery revenge. Oliver needed a push to force him our of his self-imposed hiatus, cue Firefly and a cry for help from Laurel. You know what they say, you play with matches, you get "Burned."
American Horror Story: Asylum Watch: Episode 12 - Continuum
It’s almost time to stick a fork in American Horror Story: Asylum, and too bad it isn’t a pitchfork from Sister Mary Eunice. Her devilish discipline feels worlds away from the mental anguish now personified by Sister Jude Judy Martin, now called Betty Drake. Coincidentally, the real Betty Drake is a former actress-turned-psychotherapist. Maybe it’s intentional irony, I’m not sure. What I am sure of is I’m beating around the bush because I’d rather not think about how utterly depressed and alone I felt every time Jessica Lange was on screen.
Girls Watch: Season 2 Premiere - It's About Time
Saying that Girls had a big night last night would be a bit of an understatement. Not only did Lena Dunham's series return for its second season but the HBO comedy also racked up a two major awards at the Golden Globes. And if you thought the series was under scrutiny before, now that it won Best Comedy audiences will surely be looking through each installment through an even more critical microscope.
30 Rock Watch: Season 7, Episode 9 - Game Over
30 Rock seems to be setting up its final run of episodes with a game for the throne of CableTown between Jack and heir apparent Kaylie. Another signal things are coming to an end is every big guest star is back, Leo Spaceman is appointed Surgeon General of the U.S., Chloe Moretz is back as Kaylie, Will Arnett is plotting with her as Banks and Steve Buscemi is on the case for Jack to try and bring the heir down.
American Horror Story: Asylum Watch: Episode 11 - Spilt Milk
After “I am Anne Frank: Part 2,” I anxiously awaited Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s directorial return for the finale, as well as this stray episode in AHS’s non-stop river of extroverted melodrama. I may have wasted my energies, as “Spilt Milk,” which contains several scenes of heavy magnitude, shoveled in so many camera tweaks and techniques that I’d believe its purpose was to pay homage to every single 1990s independent film director.
Parenthood's Small Victories' Best Moments, And A Look At Next Week's Episode
Parenthood delivered a top notch episode last night. Perhaps the best of the season, really, with each section of the Braverman family facing their own battles, and some coming out more successful than others. With just two episodes left in the season, anything can happen, and there's a lot set up to be resolved or to crumble, depending on what the writers have planned for this family.
Downton Abbey Watch: Season 3 Premiere - Wedding Bells And Money Issues
It’s been a long wait for Downton Abbey fans, and those of us with friends in the UK have had to cover our ears and hide our eyes while they watched Season 3 and we waited. But tonight the wait came to an end with the long-awaited premiere of Downton’s third installment on this side of the pond. If you’re not up to date on Downton and haven’t watched the Season 3 premiere yet, there are spoilers ahead.
American Horror Story: Asylum Watch: Episode 10 - The Name Game
I don’t make yearly resolutions, because there are many other months for me to renege on decisions I’ve sworn to. But a constant resolution I’ve taken up is, “Never be surprised by American Horror Story’s next move. Always expect everything.” Someone will turn into a giant grasshopper. Someone will speak a word with the power to turn everyone’s hair purple. John Lennon was once a Briarcliff patient. These are things I am ready for.
Dexter Season 7 Finale Watch: Surprise Motherf_cker
"Surprise Motherfucker." Tonight's Dexter finale had to be one of the most stressful hours of scripted television I've experienced in a long time. After a season of mounting tension and suspense, we're once again left to wonder where things can possibly go from here. It's at this point that you want to stop reading if you haven't watched the Season 7 finale of Dexter.
Glee Watch: Season 4 - Glee, Actually
Gleeks, last night was Glee's annual holiday episode. And Sue Sylvester summed it up best: it was an episode of seemingly separate story lines coming together as one holiday-themed episode. Our first holiday storyline of the night was Artie who suffers a nasty fall on an unsalted ramp.
Scandal Fall Finale Watch: Blown Away And A Look At The Winter Premiere Episode
So? Were you "Blown Away" by tonight's episode of Scandal? If you weren't because you haven't seen it yet, stop reading now. Spoilers from the fall finale of the ABC drama series ahead! In addition to some thoughts on tonight's episode, we also have a preview for the next new episode of Season 2, which unfortunately won't air for about a month.
Arrow Watch: Midseason Finale, Episode 9 - Year's End
Picking up right where "Muse of Fire" left off, "Vendetta," Arrow's eighth episode delivered on almost all fronts and might be the best installment of the still young series. Until last night. Lucky for us, the adaptation based on the classic DC comic just keeps improving and the midseason finale featured the arrival of another rival, except this time it's a full on copycat. There's another archer in Starling City, only this new guy prefers his arrows black.
American Horror Story: Asylum Watch: Episode 9 - The Coat Hanger
A mere winter break isn’t stopping American Horror Storyfrom guaranteeing your holidays are tainted by a million different storyline threads dangling around your mistletoe. Can we momentarily consider this show put its Christmas episode the week before the last episode shown before Christmas. AHS says, “Fuck your calendar. I’m still on that Viking shit.” Let’s get elementary this week, shall we? I present the ABCs of this week’s American Horror Story.
The Amazing Race Season Finale Watch: Take Down That Million
This is it... the final chapter of this, the twenty-first running of The Amazing Race. The four remaining teams head from Spain to France, where one team became the last one eliminated. And then, it's back home to the U.S., where the final three teams run around Manhattan hoping to become TV's latest millionaires.
Dexter Watch: Season 7, Episode 11: Do You See What I See?
Tonight's episode of Dexter had the title character focused on the future, which is kind of funny, given how much of this season has dwelled on the past. Dredging up the Bay Harbor Butcher story arc has worked in the series' favor this season and tonight's "Do You See What I See?" took that a step further with one very interesting twist.

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